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Help, Learn & Discover is an organization offering educational programs in Ecuador, South America. We strive to offer a fulfilling life experience which combines volunteering with those less fortunate while learning about a specific academic area of interest, and discovering the paradise of different ecosystems that Ecuador has to offer.
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Help, Learn & Discover is an organization which offers healthcare educational programs in Ecuador, South America. This program is three-fold and provides students with the opportunity to Help those who are less fortunate, Learn about and gain first-hand experience in a variety of health professions, and Discover the diversity of Ecuador during a tour of the country.

Our healthcare programs offer you the chance to gain invaluable experience shadowing physicians, dentists, and other health professionals. Our healthcare programs run in Ecuador and are structured to give you a rich understanding of your future career.

Students will work alongside leading surgeons and other healthcare professionals in nine different wards in the hospital setting. Through observation and shadowing, students will gain insight into the nature of these professions. These programs are ideal whether you are certain that you want to become a doctor, exploring the idea, or just curious about medicine and healthcare.