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Help, Learn & Discover is an organization offering educational programs in Ecuador, South America. We strive to offer a fulfilling life experience which combines volunteering with those less fortunate while learning about a specific academic area of interest, and discovering the paradise of different ecosystems that Ecuador has to offer.
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Help, Learn and Discover has created 15 bursaries in honour of the Leaders who helped to advance our volunteer organization to where it is today. Many of these individuals spent multiple years recruiting volunteers, overseeing fundraising efforts, and working amongst our various social projects in Ecuador. Participants may apply for a chance to be granted a bursary worth $100 to $750 towards one of our Pre-Medical, Pre-Dentistry, Bio-Pre-Medical or Volunteer (28 day and 18 day) programs.


Dr. Sina Alipour
Dr. Mo Bardi
Dr. Ricki Sethi
Dr. Sina Sakian

Nav Mann
Kam Mann
Harvinder Mann
Lindsay Colllin
Davis Kelly
Jessie Sunner
Megan Howlett
Kelsey Shea
Addy Musuku
Natalie Suen
Jona Szakacs

For a bursary apply to: HLD Bursary Application and email us to