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Help, Learn & Discover is an organization offering educational programs in Ecuador, South America. We strive to offer a fulfilling life experience which combines volunteering with those less fortunate while learning about a specific academic area of interest, and discovering the paradise of different ecosystems that Ecuador has to offer.
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Help, Learn & Discover was founded 12 years ago in Vancouver, Canada with one question in mind: How can we give students an unforgettable experience? Today, we continue with the passion and vision to realize the answer to this question.

Help, Learn & Discover is an innovative organization offering educational programs in Ecuador. We strive to provide fulfilling life experiences which combine volunteer opportunities with the less fortunate, learning experiences in specific areas of interest, and discovering the paradise that the ecosystems of South America have to offer.

Our ideology is to provide an excellent service by integrating student ideas, and philosophies into many of our decisions, as well as to provide all the facilities for students to have a truly rewarding, unique, and unforgettable experience.

Operations Director
Jose Naranjo

Operations Director
Juan Naranjo

Assistant Manager
Kristina Balce

Help, Learn & Discover welcomes you on this journey full of knowledge, excitement and adventure.

In the Media

Tour for the Cure

Michael Peters tells us about his experience on the Help, Learn & Discover program and its appearance on CNN.

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Medical training journey led to Ecuador

After leaving Kelowna, Sarah Pawlitsky was looking for adventure. She went away to school, set her sights on medicine, and started doing the hard work needed to become a doctor, returning to Kelowna during the summers to work. Then last year, a Vancouver-based company started by two brothers from Ecuador—one in Canada to play soccer and the other one to attend medical school—helped her see a side of the world, and her chosen profession, she never expected.

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Helping, Learning, Discovering

Ecuador is a country in transition, and a program is offering BCIT an opportunity to help, learn & discover the equatorial nation. The company is called Ecuaexperience and it was formed by two brothers.

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Help, Learn, Discover

Volunteer experiences can be gained throughout our current society. However, how often does one have the opportunity to provide need and support to those who live in a society that’s very much underdeveloped when compared to ours? This past summer we had the fortunate opportunity to join the Ecuaexperience Program on a month long volunteer and learning project that can be only described as one of our most rewarding life experiences.

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Help! Learn! Discover! Have you ever wanted to travel? Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world?

This past summer I had the opportunity to do both and at the same time make new friends. In May I applied to a program that enabled me to travel to South America. This program gives students the chance to spend a month in Ecuador helping, learning, and discovering the country. So in June nine other students and I traveled to Ecuador and were ready to endure the “real Ecuadorian Experience” for the whole month.

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